Cutting & Styling

Take good care of your hair!

Long or short hair!

Your hair stylist is obviously in the best position when you consider the (big) step to try something else. DO NOT BE AFRAID.

The hair stylist is aware of the latest trends and techniques and can advice you on what hair style suits your face shape. There is always something to match with an oval, spherical, round or long face.

Make sure to visit our salon regularly to keep it in shape.



Which product is right for you. Find the right hairstyling? Please check

Greath Lengths:

Besides the already known Hair extensions there is also the Feather extensions. Feathers in your hair. Super hip and fun!

Are you the one who wants to walk along with the latest trends then let us put a few in your hair. They can be curled and if neccesary shaped by yourself.

Spa & Relaxing

Enjoy your beauty!

During the facials we work with the products of Dr. Tyro. A. Miller. Dr.. A. Miller is an internationally known plastic surgeon who dedicated over 35 years of aesthetic surgery and skin care. There are different types of facials.

Each facial treatment can be supplemented with individual treatments, such as a special mask or massage.

Nail Treatments

Nails are important too

Nice groomed hands and nails all year round, that’s what every woman wants. So give them the necessary attention and care they ask for.

A manicure treatment consists of taking care of your natural nails and hands. You can choose from a basic manicure, spa manicure and spa deluxe manicure (paraffin). A velvety soft and smooth feeling is guaranteed after treatment. You are taking care of your nails so don’t be shy to show them.


Bride & Visagie

It’s your time to shine!

Your bridal hair style and make-up should match the whole picture and must be a beautiful addition to your bridal gown. What do you do with your hair on your wedding? Go for loose hair, half up hair or fully raised.


We at Vigy Hair & Beauty Line can help you make this sometimes difficult choice. Looking for a good and honest advice. Why don’t make an appointment for a trial hair style and make-up.